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Year 9 Options

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At Coopers School we will support your child in their option selection. However, if we believe there is a more ambitious route for your child, at this milestone in their education to help shape their future, we will contact you over the coming weeks. Our courses also depend on how many students select a specific subject. If the course is under subscribed it will not run, if it is oversubscribed, we will discuss with the Head of Department as well as review your child’s academic data for suitability. 

I expect many students have already filled in the final page of their booklet, by ranking their preferences, and I invite you to complete our online Year 9 Options form. The instructions for filling this form can be found below.

This is not the final step. Once we have received your form, we may need to discuss your child’s options with you. We will ensure that any further conversations required will happen before May half term.




Year 9 Options Evening 


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