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Our Vision and Values

Driven by a determination to create welcoming schools for the local community, where every person thrives, makes excellent progress and succeeds.

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Our vision and values are our touchstone for all that we do at Coopers.

Our school vision guides all we do and is something that we share with staff in meetings, with pupils in Assemblies and with parents through our weekly updates. We are committed to our values, and strive to live these out in our school community. 


Coopers is a community built on trust and respect that inspires resilience, ambition and success for all

Trust is our first value as this is the foundation of all that we do. It is the basis of forming strong working relationships. Whilst at Coopers it is essential that students trust in themselves and their abilities and work hard towards achieving their full potential. It is key that parents and carers trust us to support and educate your child and maintain our high expectations. Our staff work in partnership and trust with parents, carers and each others to ensure that students are stretched and challenged and have a rewarding and enriching experience.

Respect ensures that our students form a supportive community where they demonstrate this value in their attitudes and behaviours. We strive to ensure that this is evident within the relationships, policies and practices of our school community. It is the cornerstone of the development of relationships with each other, our staff and our wider community.

Resilience enables our students to push themselves to achieve our academic high standards. This value is about being determined and having the ability to recover quickly from things and bounce back from difficulties with a positive mindset. We know that this is essential that we develop this within our community so that we can work collectively together for success. This values underpins the work that they do as our young people are challenged in class to learn and make excellent progress.

Inspired by our family of schools, the E21C Trust, we use these critical questions to guide our thinking and behaviours:

why do we exist?

To improve outcomes and transform lives

how do we behave?

Trust is the foundation of our community.
Respect is the cornerstone of our culture.
Resilience means to work hard to achieve success

WHat do we do?

We are a community built on trust and respect, that inspires resilience, ambition and success for all.

How will we succeed? 

We achieve our vision by a relentless focus on academic rigour and embedding our inclusive value- driven culture