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Post 16 Dress Code

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Coopers 6th Form Dress code

Coopers Post 16 is a Sixth Form with high standards and expectations.  Our dress code is a very visible sign of our standards, and it is also a very visible sign of your standards. All Sixth Form students are expected to maintain a business-like, smart appearance in keeping with a formal, working environment. Students should ensure they are following the dress code at all times and are, therefore, acting as role models for younger students. 

We expect all students to conduct themselves in accordance with our values of Trust, Respect and Resilience. 

Our Sixth Form dress code is an important expression of our pride in ourselves as a school and we expect all students to wear their uniform smartly at all times, including travelling to and from school: 

  • A formal trouser, lower thigh length skirt or dress (no stretchy lycra skirts allowed), tailored suit
  • A formal blouse or shirt with sleeves to ensure shoulders are covered or a formal shirt with a collar
  • Formal leather or leather type shoes/boots (not Ugg boots or trainer style shoes)
  • A formal jacket/blazer
  • Boys have the option to wear a tie
  • Lanyard and ID badge

Students must wear their formal jacket/blazer whilst at school, and their ID badge and lanyard at all times. 

Please also note that visible body art and facial piercings are not allowed. Hair should be a natural colour only and not in an outlandish style. 

Transgender students may dress consistently in accordance with their gender presentation.

Jackets may be removed in warm conditions. Scarves may be worn outside the buildings but must be removed once inside.

Parents/Carers will be contacted if a student is required to correct a dress code violation. In the event of any subsequent digression from the dress code, the student will be issued with a warning letter or contract for improvement.

It is beyond the scope of the Policy to provide guidance on every eventuality. Please email: post16@coopersschool.com if you have any questions. If you fail to comply with these guidelines you will be dealt with in line with the Sixth Form Behaviour Policy.