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Driven by a determination to create welcoming schools for the local community, where every person thrives, makes excellent progress and succeeds.

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It is an exciting time for Coopers School.

After many years of working to improve the quality of provision for our students, we were graded a ‘Good’ School by Ofsted in March 2018, our third consecutive ‘Good’ judgement.

This was due to the commitment, hard work and belief from all stakeholders in our community – students, staff and parents.

Enabling learners of today to become achievers of tomorrow remains our vision for Coopers School. Developing young people’s ability to be curious, creative, resilient, respectful and empathetic, are the values which drive our vision.

each and every student’s needs are understood and they are encouraged to be the best they can be

We are committed to ensuring our students leave us with the experiences, qualifications and the qualities they need to be successful. We are an outward facing school which enjoys working in partnerships with others. Training teachers through Bromley Schools Collegiate and a range of Universities ensures the recruitment of subject specialist teachers for the future, and working with the South East London Schools Alliance provides professional development and networking for teachers and leaders. Merging with Education for the 21st Century (E21C), Coopers School now have three other secondary schools to formally work with in order to share best practice and provide the best opportunities to both staff and students. At the heart of E21C’s philosophy is the importance of the ‘whole child’ rather than just their academic achievements; this perfectly complements Coopers’ own ethos, whereby each and every student’s needs are understood and they are encouraged to be the best they can be.

Coopers School Local Governing Body (no committees, all Governors attend all meetings)

Miriam Baguley

Co-opted, Chair

Hilary Orpin

Co-opted, Vice Chair

Lisa Peterkin

Staff, Executive Principal

Claire Bessa

Staff, Head of School

Dru Elliott

Staff, Head of Year

Helen Denoon

Staff, LP Community

Lynn McGlynn


Faye Howard

Parent, Pupil Premium / LAC

Jeff Anderson

Co-opted, Heath & Safety

Olaide Olumide          

Co-opted, Safeguarding

Keith Robinson 

Co-opted, Safeguarding

Cos Ierotheou

Co-Opted, SEND

Kevin Boakye


What does the Governing Body do?

Coopers School Local Governing Body works as a team and is at the heart of how the school operates. It is responsible for monitoring that the school provides a good quality education and is continually raising educational standards. The Governing Body also encourages and supports effective ways of teaching and learning when reviewing the school aims and policies. This is done together with the Principal, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school.

In addition to the Governing Body’s main role of helping raise learners’ standards of achievement, we also:

  • support the school in its strategic direction
  • are accountable for monitoring the performance of the school to parents and the wider community
  • monitor that a balanced and broad curriculum is taught
  • review how the school can encourage pupils’ spiritual, moral and cultural development
  • monitor that the school provides for all pupils including those with special needs
  • oversee the implementation of policies on a wide range of school issues and monitor their effectiveness
  • act as a ‘critical friend’, supporting and constructively challenging senior management by gathering views, asking questions and discussing what’s best for the school.

How does the Governing Body perform its role?

At Coopers School, the Governing Body fulfils these roles through meeting both as a full board five times a year to review the schools’ progress against its’ priorities. Link Governors are appointed annually to complement the school’s focus on specific areas within the school such as safeguarding, SEND, and Pupil Premium. Link Governors produce termly reports which are presented at the Local Governing Body meetings. All Governors regularly visit the School and meet with students, staff and parents to support them in their roles.

To contact the chair of governors please use the following address;

Mrs Miriam Baguley

Chair of Governors

c/o Coopers School

Hawkwood Lane, Chislehurst, Kent. BR7 5PS

Email: chairofgovernors@coopersschool.com


COOPERS Governors’ Information and Duties



E21C Governance Structure

E21C Board of Trustees

E21C Members