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Gift Aid

Friends of Coopers School 

All parents are automatically members of Friends of Coopers School.


At Coopers School we are committed to creating the best learning environment possible for our community. Central government provides funds for the basics, such as buildings, teaching staff and essential resources, but the school needs more than this to provide the exceptional and diverse range of opportunities we offer. Without support from parents and carers, this range of opportunities would be difficult to maintain. 

 Friends of Coopers school supports the school by raising funds for school projects that will enhance and enrich your children's lives. These range from smaller items such as school equipment to major building works. The Gift Aid Scheme is a very effective way of helping to raise money and by virtue of our status as a charity, we can also claim Gift Aid on donations made by UK tax payers and this increases the value of your donation by 25%. Further details on Gift Aid are below.

  We are very aware of the increasing economic pressures been placed on families but we would ask that you consider making what would be a most welcome and appreciated contribution. £5.00 per month is a suggested contribution, but contributions can start from as little as just £2 and month the amount that you wish to donate is for you to decide: you can pay monthly by standing order. If every parent of every child in the school donated just £5 per month, with the benefit of added Gift Aid, we would raise over £90,000.00 for the whole year.

Monthly Contribution
Annual Contribution
Annual from HMRC
Total Annual Covenant Contribution
£2 £24 £4 £28
£5 £60 £15 £75
£10 £120 £30 £150
£15 £180 £45 £225
£20 £240 £60 £300

 Donations can be made by standing order, either monthly, quarterly, annually or as a one off single payment as you prefer. Below are the projects we are aiming to fund with your donations:

1. PA System for Creative Arts and Performances

2. STEM equipment

3. Portable equipment for the Multi Use Games Area

4. IT equipment for Post 16 students  

We hope that you will consider helping your child’s school in this way and if so, please complete and sign the form above and return it to our Bursar, Mr T Creedon at Coopers School. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Mrs Goodall egoodall@coopers.e21c.co.uk

Match Funding

Some parents work for companies who are very willing to provide funds within their community. If you can help us to increase our funds by matching funds from your company, please let us know.

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a simple initiative which allows Coopers to increase the amount raised from UK taxpayers on cash donations. Gift Aid is quite simply free money and a great way to boost the schools income. The official terminology from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is 'Gift Aid is a tax relief which allows a charity to reclaim from HMRC the basic rate of Income Tax a donor has paid on their donation (gift).' In layman's terms this means that those parents and carers who are current UK tax payers are eligible to Gift Aid their cash donations. This gives the school an extra 25p for every £1 donated.

How does Gift Aid work?

When a UK taxpayer makes a monetary donation to Coopers (that is an outright gift), they have already paid tax on that money. The school can, through Gift Aid, reclaim the tax paid. The school has to ask for permission to reclaim the tax they have already paid on their donation, you can increase the value of such donations by a whopping 25%.Below is information on three valuable schemes that will support teaching and learning at Coopers and improve the school environment and how you can become a “Friend of Coopers School”


1. You cannot use Gift Aid unless your income and/or capital gains tax paid to HMRC at least equals the donations you make to charity in the same tax year.
2. If your circumstances change in the future and you no longer pay tax , please inform us so that we can cancel the Gift Aid declaration.
3. You can cancel your donations at any time by notifying your bank.