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British Values

Driven by a determination to create welcoming schools for the local community, where every person thrives, makes excellent progress and succeeds.

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The Department for Education has expressed the need for all schools to embed the fundamental British values. These are expressed as:

  • A belief in freedom and individual liberty, democracy, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths are at the heart of our curriculum.
  • All children, regardless of faith, gender or colour, are given an equal opportunity to an education
  • A respect for the rule of law.

Our core values fit naturally into this and to further complement our school values we are:

  • Attempting to develop a sense of belonging in a national community increasingly defined by multi-faith, multicultural values.
  • Actively promoting Britishness which also means challenging students, staff and parents who express opinions contrary to fundamental British values.
  • Implementing behaviour and social policies (respect for others, following any rules, avoiding language which is racist, sexist, homophobic or derogatory towards particular faiths)
  • Promoting an awareness of a range of faith celebrations – e.g. Diwali, Christmas and so on and possibly extend this by using songs, tales or rhymes from different countries.

Respect for civil and criminal law

Treating others with respect and tolerance is one of Coopers Core values

  • All students are expected to live and are taught to think morally and therefore have a sense of right and wrong. This is evident from work completed in PPS time, SMSC across the curriculum, LEAP days, peer court and reinforced through assemblies.
  • At Coopers we provide students with a healthy approach to airing grievances and raising concerns in the School Council, and encourage confidence in expressing opinions and views through debates and in PPS time discussions. This is supported by Student Voice which regularly feeds-back opinion.

Students are given the opportunity to take on responsibilities through Student Leadership roles in sports, performance, academia and charity events. Which filter into house representatives through all year groups.

  • Promote an awareness of laws related to LBGT, bullying and racism. Activity promoting tolerance and understanding.
  • Whole school events are supported by Student Leadership such as Open Morning, welcome events and parents evenings.
  • Responsible behaviour to and from school is reinforced through assemblies and by PLT presence at the school
    gates and on Royal Parade, and bus stops every day. Any concerns and complaints are followed up and shared with staff and students.
  • Responsible behaviour encouraged through e-safety activities, such as the legalities of social media and uploading of content.
  • Responsible behaviour is encouraged through the rewards system and is celebrated through achievement assemblies at the end off each term.

Acceptance and engagement with fundamental British values of democracy

This is promoted through:

  • School Leadership and Council with form representative elections
  • Election of school council members by holding mock elections
  • Using opportunities such as general elections to hold mock elections within school

Contribution Positively to Life in Modern Britain

Students actively contribute positively through:

  • Carrying out regular charity work and events
  • Celebrating International Days
  • Peer mentoring schemes
  • Stonewall
  • PPS topics
  • Attending a variety of conferences and educational trips
  • Taking part in a variety of activities such as sports events, World Challenge, Harvest festival, Remembrance Day assembly and service, Christmas and Easter services, school plays, concerts, cabaret, World Book Day, Holocaust Memorial
  • Entering a number of competitions such as the Chislehurst Society an and Poetry by Heart